Status: I’m building an iOS app from the ground up!

Lucas Hall UX

I’ve created a simulation of what I want to do. Since UX work is my normal forte, I did not have any trouble taking the research and molding it into a design for the app. I’m building an app for Brewers. It’s going to be a sort of brew project story tracker, with some additional recipe book section, and finally some cool calculators. It’s going to be fun. Here’s the simulation…
Brew Projects Simulation

I’ve decided that I’m building an app for iOS. Normally I like to be much more strategic about my blog posts and the topic I’m writing on. Today, however is a bit different. I thought it would be really interesting to be able to track the milestones of my current non-work project. Today I’m marking the start of development. The truth is that I’ve been working on this for about 2 weeks now. Before that a week or two was spent designing. I of course started with Research First.

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