Leverage User Know-how

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If you can Leverage User Know-how to better align your design to user expectations, then shouldn’t you? As a designer, I would bet the farm that it’s expected of you. …

Setting Expectations is for the user

Setting expectations is for the user

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This article is mainly about how setting expectations is for the user mainly. We all have design goals for an interface. A development team will usually want to implement the …

Development Styleguide Image

Development handoff, the third step

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So, here we are. The last step in the three step process. The moment every designer looks forward to. That moment when your design is on it’s way to production. …

UX Assessment Title Panel

UX Assessment Creation

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Creating a UX Assessment (also known as a Heuristic Evaluation) is not all that complicated. A UX Assessment is when a member or members of a UX Design Team conduct …

Problem solving through sketch sessions

Problem solving using design

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There are a lot of theories of what design is. One definition from Merriam-Webster says that design is the action “to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan”. Sure, when …

Research first, then start making design decisions.

Research first, design later

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Research first, then draw the line. Memorize this phrase. Research first, then make that critical design decision. Research first, then form the process. It will change the way you design. …

Coupons landing page tips

Coupons landing page

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Just got off work. I’ve been working on a design for a Coupons landing page for a mobile app. While it’s fresh in my mind, I want to knowledge dump …