EFC Website Redesign

The story
Eastside Foursquare Church

My Role
UX Lead / Researcher / Developer

Date Range
March 12, 2015 - Present
Design Need (Problem / Goal)

When I first met with EFC leadership, they had concerns that the EFC website was not in alignment with what users wanted from a church site. They thought that perhaps there were some mechanical problems as well.

2015 EFC Old Homescreen

“I was extremely impressed with Lucas’s ability to capture a vision, assess the needs of our target audience, collaborate with staff and multiple volunteers, set out clear manageable project deadlines, and get the job done!
Not only did the website redesign turn out great under his leadership for my past church I also learned a ton from him in the process.
I highly recommend him as someone to oversee this type of work for your company, your school, or your church.”

DJ Vick, Former Lead Pastor of Eastside Foursquare Church, Bothell, WA

Research (Discovery)

In the discovery portion of this effort, our aim was to understand our user’s needs and expectations, while trying to avoid those things that hinder, cause hesitation, or question. Some specific research tasks I lead were…

• identify competitors
• survey patrons of the church
• document user stories
• build personas, and more.

Screenshot of a spreadsheet that was used to capture user expectation trends from the user stories.

By the design phase, we knew what platform we would be designing for (WordPress), and had a good idea of the who our users were and what they wanted. This phase was all about putting form to that knowledge. Some specific design tasks and artifacts I lead were…

• Sketching workshops
• Creation of wireframes
• Creation of click-through simulation
• User Testing
• High Resolution Mockups
• Specifications (redlines).


I wish I could say that there were 3 clear steps to this design project, but the fact is that development began the moment I got the first wireframe approved by the business. As I finished up with the wireframes and approval process, the bulk of development was about wrapped up. Gave them the redlines to tie up any loose ends. Then I jumped in and began fine-tuning.

To wrap up, the goals of the site were accomplished. I had some goals of my own. Mainly to give them a website that they could manage. So that meant that before I could button it all up, I had to transfer some knowledge...

• Provided their graphic designer with a styleguide template so that they could keep track of the site typography, icons, and colors.
• Provided all authors a Content authoring recommendation so that no matter where the content was being adjusted, EFC's voice would come across as unified.
• Provided a site manual, so that if I wasn't available, and there weren't any of the dev team available, then someone would have the knowledge they would need to hop in and get more complex tasks taken care of.

Thanks for taking the time to read this overview of the EFC Website Redesign project. There is much more to be said about this project, but I already fear that I've lost most my audience. Take Care. ~Lucas